Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Response and Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 5

Response and Analysis - Essay Example In addition, Margi gets involvement with older girls, who tells her to skip classes, â€Å"If I wanted to be friends with 14-year-olds, I had to do it† (Satrapi, 111) Margi gets into smoking but secretly whenever she and her mother engage in a conflict. An indication to that is, â€Å"With this first cigarette, I kissed my childhood goodbye. Now I was a grownup† (Satrapi, 117). However, Margi’s parents regard her as a young adult by the fact that they agree to send her to a boarding school as an indication of their sense of Margi as a young adult. Her mother informs her that, there is no need to cry, as she is a big girl, â€Å"No tears. You’re a big girl† (Satrapi, 152). What is the impact of the revolution both positive and negative? Women in Iran have the obligation to follow tradition and rules at disposal for them. This substantially includes the dressing code that is to be into practice by all girls and women in general. For example, wearing of yoga pants is not in permission under any circumstance as it brings about distraction to young men. Women can regain their rights if only they agree to face those rules by rebelling with all energy at their disposal. Educating individuals on the importance of women to wear, as they like would be essential in correcting evil thoughts from the public. However, wearing miniskirts for girls or women was not in accordance with the laws "Look at her! Last year she was wearing a miniskirt, showing off her beefy thighs to the whole neighborhood. Now madame is wearing a chador. It suits her better, I guess" (Satrapi 75). During 1980 a rule of wearing a veil at all time so as to avoid distracting boys and look descent. "Then came 1980: the year it became obligatory to wear the veil at school." (Satrapi 3) .it is through educating men that can enable women to regain their rights as wearing is a choice that each woman should enjoy. What is the role of women as seen in the

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