Thursday, January 23, 2020

The Best and Worst College Degrees Essay -- Education College Career E

The Best and Worst College Degrees Abstract In today’s society everyone thinks they need to go to college, and over 80% of kids out of high school are. Out of all these kids going to Universities, the majority don’t even know what they want to be the rest of their lives once they get to college. Common sense would tell us that people would go into the field that paid them the most money, this is not always true. So what are the most popular fields to go into when getting out of high School? We did a little research and some comparative analysis, and this is what we came up with. Engineering: Research shows that the third most popular degree in demand is engineering. This pertains to the three major types of engineering. Whether it is mechanical, electrical, chemical Engineering, to achieve a Bachelors degree in any field of Engineering, the basic core classes consist of, mathematics, sciences, biology, chemistry, and/or physics. The number one reason people are obtaining engineering degrees, is for the cold hard cash. Engineers are ranked among some of the highest paying workers in the job force. One starting out in electrical engineering can plan on receiving over $50,000 the first year on the job, with a 2.9% increase after that. Engineers do many diverse jobs, such as architectural work, designing new medical equipment, and testing and fixing all sorts of electrical circuit. Business: Although business isn’t the highest paying profession, it still ranks second, when looking to a nation wide survey, on the most popular degrees. A business degree is one of the broader; more generalizes degrees that encompass many different courses from all aspects of the University. The main reason for getting an bachelors in busi... ... qualified. Your job is to know when this is happening. The bottom line is no matter what degree you pursue, or what job field you’re going for, make sure that you enjoy the work. Works Cited Gloecker, Geoff. (2007). â€Å"The Major Attractions Of A Business Minor†: Business Week Online. p1-11. Retrieved March 22, 2007. â€Å"Health Majors are Top Choice†(1997). : Techniques; Making Education & Career Connections; Oct. 1997, Vol. 72 Issue 7, p6. Retrieved April 1, 2007. â€Å"Job Outlook Strong For 2007 ME Grads†(2007). : ASHRAE Journal; Feb 2007, Vol. 49 Issue 2, p6-7. Retrieved March 22, 2007. Smith, Brendan.(2005). â€Å"The Buzz†: Careers and Colleges. Vol. 26 Issue 1, p2-48, Retrieved March 28, 2007. â€Å"The Top 100 Employers and the Majors in Demand for the Class Of 2004†(2004). : Black Collegian; Feb 2004, Vol. 34 Issue 2, p12-26. Retrieved April 1, 2007.

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